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FABfrit is handmade at the FiredDesires Studio in Sitka, Alaska. While some of the colors used in FAB blends are available by the pound, many of the colors I use do not come pre-made and must be hand made using the "water plunge" method, one paddle at a time! It is an involved and time consuming process, but one that I enjoy. Once I have the frit made and dried, it is then sifted & sized and then mixed into the various blends of colors.

Why the name FAB? It stands for "Frit And a Bead"....yes, that's right... a bead too! Each 1oz tin of frit will hold a small sample bead, nothing fancy, but you'll be able to see how the frit looks by using the single roll and melt method. FABfrit will come in small, medium, large sizes.

The main focus of FABfrit (COE 104 frit) is the use of Effetre(Moretti), but other coe 104's will be utilized. CIM, Double Helix, ASK, Precision, Vetrofond and others. Occasionally I might add a bit of furnace glass for highlighting, but always with less than 5% of the blend in order to minimize compatibility issues.

Frits & enamels should be worked using standard safety pre-cautions with regards to masks & ventilation.

As always, torch often...torch safe, and may your artistic muse always be perched on your shoulder wearing a smile,

Catharine Weaver

FABFrit 2009-2012
Frit And a Bead